Honeybucket is a Whiskey-Drinkin’, Boot-Stompin', Newgrass-Playin’ Trio from Cleveland, Ohio

Honeybucket is a high-energy, whiskey-drinkin' newgrass trio from Cleveland, Ohio that formed on a fateful Halloween night in 2011. The boys play modern, original pop/rock tunes with traditional bluegrass instruments, throw in boot-stompin' rhythm and round everything off with sweet, soaring three-part vocal harmonies to create something truly original and authentic.

The love that these rascals put into their music can be felt with every performance, and their fans – lovingly called “Bucketheads” – can be seen smilin’ and rockin’ out whenever the band takes the stage. Fresh off competing at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in Colorado and the release of their 2nd studio EP, “Stompin’ Grounds,” in August of 2015, Honeybucket is one of Cleveland's must-see bands in 2016.

Meet The Band

Adam Reifsnyder

Guitar & Vocals

Guitar player and stand-up gentleman Adam Reifsnyder is a transplant to Cleveland by way of his hometown of Louisville (pronounced Loo-uh-vull), Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. The band likes to think his Kentucky roots are partially responsible for their “old-timey” stringband sound. Adam began playing violin in the 4th grade, and eventually began writing music in high school after taking up guitar and bass. He performed for many years in various folk and rock groups before forming the coffee shop duo “A&B” with Brendan. When Adam’s not sipping fine whiskey by the fire he likes to travel, go to the movies and haunt Ohio City bars and restaurants.

Fun Fact: Adam works as a digital marketer and web developer, which is crucial since Brendan and Abie barely know how to send an email!


Abie Klein-Stefanchik

Bass & Vocals

What a mouthful! It’s an earful too when this bass-playin’ bad boy hits the stage. Abie has been playing the bass for 17 years in his hometown of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Abie was first trained in the Suzuki method and has performed various styles of music throughout his career from jazz to swing and funk to metal. In addition to the bass Abie plays guitar, piano and trombone. He also likes to smack his bass around like it’s a drum so we’ll go ahead and add percussion to that list. When he’s not thumpin’ away, Abie likes to brew beer, read comics and hang out with his fiancé Liz.

Fun Fact: Abie taught Brendan how to play Magic: The Gathering when they were in elementary school. Sometimes Adam shows up to rehearsal to find the two in the middle of a wizard battle!


Brendan O'Malley

Mandolin & Vocals

What band would be complete without a wacky Irishman? Brendan first picked up his mother’s guitar when he was about 10 and has been playing strings ever since. Another Cleveland Heights native, Brendan studied blues and jazz guitar styles for many years until he discovered an old dusty mandolin under his father’s bed. He decided to give the funny little instrument a whirl and has been hooked ever since. When he’s not pickin’ away on a new fiddle tune, Brendan works part time as a bartender, mixing up crafty cocktails and chattin’ it up with the locals.

Fun Fact: Adam asked Brendan out on a “man-date” just after meeting at the restaurant where Brendan used to tend bar. The two went to a Local Natives concert and began writing their first song together late that night. It was called “Night Machine".